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  • Bottle of elderberry syrup held up with bush in the background
  • Cluster of elderberries, seen from below, with sunlight streaming through the leaves of the bush.
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16 ounces - Elderberry Syrup

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Farm-fresh Elderberries - grown in the US without chemicals. We're not certified organic, yet, but we're headed that way.

Pure Spring Water - to extract the elderberry goodness from the berries. 

Local Honey from super cool beekeepers near us.

And a wee tiny bit of citric acid to keep the ph safe.

16 ounces can last one person for about two months if they use it daily. 

But you'll have to force yourself to stick to the recommended serving amount - so far everyone loves the taste so much they use more...

This shelf stable syrup may be kept in the pantry, unopened, for up to 1 year.  After opening, please refrigerate, and you can then expect the syrup to remain good for 60-90 days.

We are registered with the Food and Drug Administration, Ohio Department of Agriculture, ServSafe certified and graduated from Better Process Control School with a perfect score. We make syrup safely and follow all the rules.

We produce our syrup in the commercial kitchen at Hope Springs Institute (google them later, they're an amazing feminist retreat center located just around the corner from our farm).


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