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16 ounces - Elderberry Syrup

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Both tart and sweet, our elderberry syrup is delicious! We use all Ohio-grown elderberries to make this traditional health tonic, which is also used as a flavoring in tea, water and cocktails. We keep it simple so you can really enjoy the unique flavor of the elderberry.

What's in the bottle

  • Farm-fresh Elderberries - sustainably grown in Ohio
  • Pure Spring Water - to extract the elderberry goodness from the berries 
  • Local Honey from super cool beekeepers near us
  • And a wee tiny bit of citric acid to drop the ph

16 ounces can last two people for about a month, if they use some daily. But you'll have to force yourself to stick to the recommended serving amount - so far everyone loves the taste so much they use more...

How do you use it

  • in seltzer water - to make an elderberry soda
  • in a cocktail or mocktail
  • on yoghurt
  • in smoothies
  • in dressings and marinades
  • in tea
  • on ice cream or cheesecake
  • or sip it all by itself!

Our syrup can be kept in the pantry, unopened, for up to 1 year. After opening, please refrigerate, and you can then expect the syrup to remain good for 90 days.

What does it taste like

  • Elderberries!
  • Some people say it tastes like a quirky, earthy combination of cherries, cranberries and grapes
  • You can also taste the honey. It isn't too sweet but if you hate the taste of honey, this isn't for you.

The Mucky Boots Farm / Ohio Elderberry Farm Kitchen team is registered with the Ohio Department of Agriculture, is ServSafe certified and graduated from Better Process Control School with a perfect score.


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