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CLOSED FOR WINTER 2024 Elderberry Cuttings Preorder - Ohio Only

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Thank you for your interest. We have closed sales of cuttings for winter 2024.  Please check back in late 2024 to order for winter 2025.


It's easy to grow your own! 

Elderberry bushes grow from cuttings. Stick 'em in the ground when it's cold and a bush will grow :) 

What's a cutting?

Cuttings are a segment of a branch of a mature elderberry bush. Ours include two pairs of nodes.  Bury one pair of nodes and a bush will grow!  

Don't worry - we'll send full planting instructions - both written and video. 

Our cuttings come from cultivated varieties which mean the bushes produce larger berries that ripen more evenly than do the berries from wild bushes. This is important if you hope to harvest the fruit. Unless they specify otherwise, many online elderberry plant sellers are selling cuttings from wild bushes.  

We will send you cuttings from at least 2 different varieties.  Available varieties include York, Bob Gordon, Johns, Nova and Adams.  If you have a varietal preference, please email ( us at the time of ordering

How long does it take to get berries? 

2-3 years.  Your first growing season, you'll get a small bush and a single flowering head which you should cut off.  The second year you'll get a much larger bush and multiple flowers, which you should remove  You're trying to grow healthy roots, not berries in these first two years.  In the third year though, you'll get berries!  A mature elderberry bush that gets good sunlight will produce 3-5 pounds of berries a year.  That's enough to make over 50 ounces of elderberry syrup.

When do I get my cuttings?

The cuttings will ship in late February/early March 2023 along with planting instructions.

We will also be hosting a group call in March in case anyone wants to ask questions about growing elderberries. All cuttings purchasers will be invited via email. 

Note: We are a licensed nursery in Ohio and are shipping only to Ohio this year.  Special rules and paperwork pertain to shipping live plant material over state lines.