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Garlic by the head - Sold out for 2022 season!

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A single bulb of Red Russian garlic. Some of it has purple streaks.  All of it is delicious :) 

It has a strong garlic flavor with a bit of sweet at the end. 

Large garlic heads are at least 1.75 inches in diameter - often more.  They're giant.

Small garlic heads are at least 1 inch.  More like what you are used to seeing in the grocery store. 

Garlic harvest came early this year! We just harvested and are now curing the garlic by drying it out in our barn.  Once cured, it will store (in a cool dry place) for 6 months. 

You can take custody of your garlic right after harvest (August) or after curing. 

So stock up!  You don't want to be eating grocery store garlic if you don't have to. This stuff is SO much better.  Like night and day.